@Paris : Once a month ( week-end )

@ Bruxelles : Once a month, twice a month and more

Regular lesson (Individual and / or group lesson of 2 to 5 )

30min individual / 1h for 2 per. / 1h30 for 3 per. / 2h for 4 - 5 per.

All lessons are given individually or with groupe depending on the situation and the need .

Option "individuel+" :It is additional lesson for those who want to have intensive individual lessons in addition to the regular courses. It is a 30-minute classes.

or pay-par-lessons for 4 lessons (Irregular lessons by appt.)

Individual course

Lesson @ Brussels

Rue des Aduatiques 15

1040 Brussels


Mérode / Montgomery



Lesson @ Paris

Studio Campus

12 Rue Froment

75011 Paris


     Breguet Sabin - Bastille


Atelier de flûte - Shinobue -


- breathing technique and body relaxation

- shinobue and Japanese music basic knowledge

- shoga learning (onomatopoeia melodies )

- Learning simple melodies

- possibilities to play in public (Student concerts etc.)

Middle - Advanced

- deep breathing technique

- Learning different types melodies.

- Learning more Shoga ( onomatopoeia melodies )

- Possibilities to play with other traditional Japanese instruments ( Koto, Shamisen, Drums, etc. )

- possibilities to play in public (Student concerts, public events, etc.)

The shinobue is a flute used in street music but also on the occasion of sophisticated artistic performances. Traditionally, Japanese music is learned orally by shoga (onomatopoeic song). During the lesson you will also experience this learning method.

Session (oct-dec, jan-mar, avril-juin)

Trial Lesson (60min. Group lesson)

@ Brussels : Once a month

13:00    for person who has   no experience of flute playing  

14:30    for flutists, for person who has experience of flute

@ Paris : Possible anytime during the session

Possible to take 2 trail lessons

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