Nozomi Kanda's interests in Japanese Traditional Music has led her to study Japanese Flute with Professor Kohei Nishikawa at the Ferris University where she also made all her music studies. After 4 years at the Mons Royal Conservatory (Belgium) where she studied flute, she started her professional activities both on flute and Japanese Flute, giving concerts either on one of them or combining both in Japanese programs and events.

On the Japanese flute, she made appearances in important festival and event such as the Midi-Minimes Festival, Ars Musica, Museum of Muscial Intruments, at the International Exposition "Japonisme" at the Town Hall of Brussels (Salle Gothique) as well as in France and in Luxemburg.

Programs that she is proposing are varied and includes Traditional Japanese Music, Contemporary Music or arrangements for Japanese Flute and (Western) Flute. She also made the World Premiere of works written by composers such as David Loeb (Mannes College professor - USA). Nozomi Kanda also gives regular workshops on Japanse Music and Japanese Flute.

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Koto - Gaho Takahashi

She started to learn koto when she was 5 years old from her mother Utaiku Takahashi. She attended Tokyo University of Arts where she received her bachelors degree in music with a focus on koto and shamisen.

Since then she had performed around the world, in Italy, Austria and her home country in Japan.

She won the national hogaku high school student competition in 2005, and got 3rd Prize of the FOLK INSTRUMENTS  Osaka International Music Comptition in 2015.

Shinobue - Nozomi Kanda