Conditions générales

- You can start anytime during the session

- In case of absence or missed lesson, it is possible to take a replacement lesson during the session or the holidays that follow (for the groupe lessons there is no replacement classes)

-Payment is valid for the session. It is impossible to spread the session follow.

- You can cancel the lesson until the 3 day before the lesson cancellation after that time or no warning, the course is non-refundable and it cost 10€ for studio fee (Paris)

-Free renatl flute for 1 year (garantie 50€) 

Trial lesson : 30 € - Possible for 2 times

Formule à remplir pour mobile

Lesson @ Brussels

Rue des Aduatiques 15

1040 Brussels


Mérode / Montgomery


Lesson @ Paris

Studio Campus

12 Rue Froment

75011 Paris


     Breguet Sabin - Bastille


Registration - Shinobue