Lesson @ Brussels

Rue des Aduatiques 15

1040 Brussels


Mérode / Montgomery


Lesson @ Paris

Studio Campus

12 Rue Froment

75011 Paris


     Breguet Sabin - Bastille

Atelier de flûte - Shinobue -  Brussels


- breathing technique and body relaxation

- shinobue and Japanese music basic knowledge

- shoga learning (onomatopoeia melodies )

- Learning simple melodies

- possibilities to play in public (Student concerts etc.)

Middle - Advanced

- deep breathing technique

- Learning different types melodies.

- Learning more Shoga ( onomatopoeia melodies )

- Possibilities to play with other traditional Japanese instruments ( Koto, Shamisen, Drums, etc. )

- possibilities to play in public (Student concerts, public events, etc.)

The shinobue is a flute used in street music but also on the occasion of sophisticated artistic performances. Traditionally, Japanese music is learned orally by shoga (onomatopoeic song). During the lesson you will also experience this learning method.





I started the shinobue course 9 months ago. After several classes, I mastered the basic techniques under Nozomi's patient teaching. I started playing several pieces with the other students. Together, we participated in a show at the end of the year. I am very happy to have the opportunity to share the delicate sound of shinobue with others. In the future, I wish I could always carry my flute on vacation. I will become a nomadic flutist! :)


After three years of Shinobue, I  play only that now. As a classic classical flutist, I devote myself fully to shinobue now, which I practice with taiko and koto, or accompany Awa dance.

What I appreciate in this instrument is its raw and authentic side, but also the melodies, whether traditional or contemporary. The teaching of Nozomi gives me is precious, serious and relaxed at the same time. Everything happens there: breathing, breathing technique, play, posture, attitude; a complete course that culminates at the end of the year in a concert where percussion, stringed instruments and shinobue mixed, the ideal moment to share serenely our annual work in a friendly atmosphere.

I can only encourage you, musicians, curious, music lovers of all kinds, to discover this wonderful instrument, and this wonderful teacher

Student's Feedback


individuel et / ou en groupe de 2 à 5

30min individuel / 1h pour 2 per

Les cours sont donnés soit individuel soit en groupe de 2 à 5 personnes selon la situation et la nécessité.

Cours d'essai / Shinobue Trial Day @ BXL

Le samedi 22 Septembre - Le samedi 6 & 27 Octobre

- Beginner Groupe lesson (1h / minimum 2 participations)

      Once :  25€

      Twice :  40€

       Thrice : 60€

  - Individuel 30 minutes lessons

     Once  : 30€

     Twice  : 60€

     Thrice  : 90€

-   Individuel 60 minutes lessons

     Once  : 40€

     Twice  : 80€

     Thrice : 120€