Nozomi Kanda's concerts and recital have seen her perform in many countries, including Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Tunisia and her home country, Japan.

Nozomi Kanda is member of Estampes ,Tokyo-Bruxelles Trio and of the flute quartet 4tempi .

As a chamber musician, she performed together with a broad range of artists, including her ex-professeur Marc Grauwels, Pascal Moraguès, Francis Orval, Sylvain Creemers, as well as Didier Poskin, Alexander Dmitriev, Koenraad Hofman and many others.

She released a CD entitled "4 Reasons" with 4tempi. 2 other CD projects are underway, one with the 20 century's works with viola, cello, double bass and harp, and the other with Tokyo-Bruxelles Trio.

Nozomi Kanda taught at "the International Music Academy" in Dinant, also at the International Music Academy in Fort-Mahon (Picardy-France) and the wind-orchestra academy in the Hautes-Pyrénées (France) and was interim professor of flute at the Academy of Braine l'Alleud and the Academy of Dinant and at the Conservatory of Charleroi. She also taught at the Jissen Gakuen Joshi High School in Japan and gave a flute seminar. She regularly gives Japanese flute seminar in Paris.

Nozomi regularly writes articles for a Yokohama newspaper as well as the online magazine BEL2.

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